Thursday, May 22, 2003

A chunk of a long, topic-jumping IM with Chris Fly Over today:

oulawdog:... Anything new on your end?
massive3: Nope, apart from re-connecting with an old friend from elementary school.
oulawdog: Interesting. The magic of the Internet?
massive3: That and the fact that he's helping plan our 15-year HS reunion (referenced in last night's post).
oulawdog: Ahhh . . . I skipped my 10 year to go to Florida.
massive3: I skipped my 10 year 'cause I was still too bitter (see today's long post).
massive3: But am planning on going to the 15.
massive3: Am about to post chunks of a really surprising email I got from him today - and I just talked with him on the phone for a good 1/2 hour. Small world.
oulawdog: I saw that. It sounds like High School wasn't a good time. I was the reverse. I had a blast in high school, but when I left closed the book.
massive3: *nods*
massive3: So things are keeping on in the Fly Over household?
oulawdog: Greatness. Everyone keeping on. I bought 4 CD's, at the used CD Store, for a dollar: The Soup Dragons, Spin Doctors, Red Hot [+ Cool], and Midnight Oil, also bought T "Nevermind" so he could hear how it all got started. So far, Baby Girl seems to like Spin Doctors.
massive3: Well, that's a shame. Maybe you should play her Nevermind, too.
massive3: As the great poet Snoop Dogg said, I have no love for ho's. Or the Spin Doctors. *G*
oulawdog: What's wrong with The Spin Doctors first album?
massive3: It's soupy, jam-rock crap with hideous lyrics and barely-competent playing. How's that?
oulawdog: Good enough. It has one of the best opening lines of a song though: "Been a whole lot easier since the bitch left town."
oulawdog: Now, after buying it again, I am firmly convinced that "Hook" by Blues Traveler is a direct slap at the Spin Doctors.
massive3: Oh, hell yeah it is, and justifiably so, too.
oulawdog: She [Babygirl] also digs the "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss" mix on the Red Hot album.
massive3: That's a great record.
massive3: "Too Funky" is one of GM's best singles, ever.
oulawdog: That is decent. I mainly bought it for "Crazy" b/c I can't stand to buy a whole Seal album.
massive3: Oh, but his first album is GREAT, Chris!
oulawdog: It got worn to death by one of my best friends.
massive3: Ah, 'tis a pity.
oulawdog: While "Blue Sky Mine" is a great album, I also bought it mainly on a nostaglic trip it induced that took me back to the old 120 minutes show on MTV.
massive3: Damn, I loved that show - back when it was in its prime. Circa Kevin ------ and Dave Kendall.
oulawdog: Yep. Back when Kevin Seal was being moved around the time slots b/c no one knew how to harness his particular VJ genius.
massive3: AMEN, brother, amen!
oulawdog: You mentioned you turned your back on farming, any particular reason?
massive3: Because I hated growing up on the farm - because back then, the farm represented everything I resented. And was so totally foreign - the farm, and my Dad.
oulawdog: Ahhh . . . well, that explains it.
oulawdog: I can also appreciate that.

Do you need any more reasons why I dig on Chris, and vice-versa (if I may be so bold, Chris)? Stand-up guys are stand-up guys regardless of their politics, views, religion, profession (ha ha), et cetera. Y'all hear me?!

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