Sunday, May 11, 2003

Drum'n'bass is awfully good cleaning music. Lest you wonder where I've been all day, there's your answer. Hosting dinner for 8 on Thursday, so today I cleaned: dishes, sweeping, trash, windexing the coffee tables, scrubbing the toilet. I even contemplated mopping, but decided against. I actually don't mind cleaning, provided I can do it my way. That generally means I've got the apartment to myself (the roomie and his bf, Bob [and his potential bf?], and Jenn went to Busch Gardens this weekend), so I can throw on some ratty clothes, crank up the jukebox (like I said, d'n'b mixes are the best), and just get to it.

Today's actually made a nice counterpoint to yesterday, which was another splendid Tom & Chas roadtrip Saturday, this one down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, to putter around, search for the area's best radio station (it's WVOD - great station, bad website), and conclude the day with a mega-seafood buffet (pricey but worth it).

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