Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Finally, some interesting sports news.

ACC expansion is a BIG mistake, but it looks like it's happening. Why do I think it's a mistake? Because money's being put in front of the purity of athletics. Before you mock, yes, there is still some purity to be found in college sports. And I'm a college basketball fanatic, and this is only going to hurt the ACC in that regard - what happens to the round-robin format? The natural rivalries? Mike Krzyzewski and Gary Williams are less than thrilled at the prospect. Fortunately, Big Ten commish Jim Delany isn't apt to follow the ACC's lead. As a Purdue man, I've watched Delany very closely, and I'm very impressed; I feel nearly every decision he's made has truly been in the best interests of the conference.

Finally, it's nearly time for the French Open! And guess what Serena's saying? "I'm ready." Did everyone hear that?

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