Friday, May 30, 2003

I know, I know, behind the curve: I'm not the first to blog it, but yes-oh-yes, Go Home Productions has fookin' done it again. Twice. Causing a buzz in inclined-to-like-boots-cum-mashups segments of blogland is "Shannon Stone," mixing the stone classic "Let the Music Play" with the Stones classic (I couldn't resist!) "Gimme Shelter." And of course it's marvelous. But don't miss the Christina-jamming-with-Grover Washington, Jr. "Dirrty Magic," either - now this is some shocking recontextualization! Funky '70s jazz fusion (much-sampled, possibly by your favorite rapper[s]) topped off with Ms. Panties-&-Chaps and her pal (er...) Redman getting naughty, dirrty, Just fucking download 'em, and thank me - and yourself - later.

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