Saturday, May 24, 2003

I slept past noon, yay! That, to me, is part of what weekends are about: sleeping in. I don't have any big plans for this 3-day weekend, and there's enough rain scattered throughout the forecast to make me cautious about making big plans, anyway. Last night, for the first time in too long, went out with the roommate, nothing big, just dinner at our favorite burger joint, Kelly's (conveniently located across the street from our place), and then seeing The Matrix Reloaded by Naval Station Norfolk - we figured that with the Truman coming home yesterday, the eye candy would be on display; it wasn't. We later remembered that our fine men and women of the Navy get current films on their ships (as well they should). Generally, it seems that whenever Michael and I do something, we end up calling up our gang of friends, and making it a group outing. Which I love to do, don't misunderstand me. But it's nice to get to spend time just with him, as well - not only is he the best roommate I've ever had (that's ever), he's also one of my closest friends.

So what's on my weekend agenda, as it stands? Have some cleaning to do (glamorous, I know), some writing to work on (the aforementioned project is taking shape and slowly coming to fruition), am hoping to catch a showing of Down with Love (which looks deliciously frothy, like a fruit smoothie, plus stars the eminently appealing ReneƩ and Ewan), and who knows what else. I'm not stressing anything this weekend, just relaxing and seeing what comes up. Isn't that what it should be about, anyway?

Just-out-of-bed soundtrack: my favorite song by the Who, which, blasphemously, is "Eminence Front" (from their final studio album, 1982's It's Hard). All bad vibes, open space, unsettling keyboards, and Townshend at his best - which I find to be his subtleties, not his guitar-god excesses.

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