Friday, May 02, 2003

"I'm disappointed because I let the other 11 guys down,'' Reggie Miller said. "No question about it: It was 100 percent my fault.

"They believe in me so much, and to not come through is tough. I'm man enough to say, 'I'll put it on my shoulders.'''

You're man enough to do anything, Reggie. If this is it, you've served the Pacers admirably, and in reality, never really let us down, and we're so thankful you've been such a star for us Pacers fans for so long. But it's not 100% your fault. It's not even 1% your fault. We've now lost three times in the first round of the playoffs, under Isiah. It's 100% his fault. And it's time for him to go. Period.

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