Sunday, May 04, 2003

I'm starting to become a believer in Kelly Rowland. She's certainly a better singer than Beyoncé Knowles. [C'mon, do you even have an opinion regarding Michelle Williams? Does anyone?] And yes, Beyoncé has more pure star quality. But Kelly seems a lot nicer - like she'd be fun to have coffee with. She trilled lovely on Nelly's "Dilemma," inexplicably didn't have a US hit (but did across Europe) with "Stole," and now's released her new single, "Can't Nobody." Lyrically, it's uninspiring - "can't nobody love you like me," - but musically it's got pop like the best Brandy and Monica singles, with a bit more sass in its delivery (well, except for "The Boy Is Mine," perhaps, but that's in a class by itself). Plus she's got that head-snapping thing down cold. Nice to note that Kelly's solo debut Simply Deep was certified gold on my birthday; now I feel as if we have a special bond. Or something.

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