Friday, May 16, 2003

June Carter Cash, one of the most important women in country music history - part of the legendary Carter family, who practically invented country music, wife of titan Johnny Cash, mother of Carlene, stepmother of Roseanne, and quite an artist in her own right - has died at the age of 73. Heaven's added quite a talent to its choir.

What always struck me about June was her extreme humility. When she accepted an award for her recently hospitalized husband last month at the CMT 2003 Flameworthy Music Video Awards, she said

“I accept this for him in all humility ... [Johnny]’s one of the most humble guys I know. He’s one of the best husbands that’s ever been. And he’s just one of the best country music entertainers I’ve ever known.”

Now, that's class. Go get some Carter Family records, get June's 1999 Grammy winner Press On, and listen to her '67 smash duet with Johnny, "Jackson" (from Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison). Then, thank the Lord that she walked among us. And pray for her family.

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