Monday, May 19, 2003

Last week's episodes of my Sunday night cable shows reminded me of a pair of great tunes, both over their closing credits.

Six Feet Under very effectively used Todd Rundgren's "I Saw the Light" as part of its closing scene and credits, as Nate sits in Lisa's (abandoned?) car and listens to the tape she had playing when she - disappeared? It's a gorgeous, wistful-ly song which always reminds me of Carole King - and should remind more people of how dead on Rundgren is when he is. Its slight sad tone fit like a glove.

Queer As Folk used an entirely different tactic, ending their episode with - shock! horror! - something that's not dance music, and that was so apropos for the scene, "Rough Boys," one of the few songs I really really love by Pete Townshend. It's as if it was used to say, yeah, you just saw Brian and Justin being tender with each other, but look out - here's (as Brian put it) his "11 o'clock." Rough'n'tumble, give us a kiss (and a punch) - that's Brian.

This week's SFU, btw, was a series of gut punches punctuated with the series' trademark dark humor. [Claire to Brenda: "Could you give me a ride? I have to go get an abortion." You know you shouldn't laugh, but how can you not?] I was amazed by David's standing up to Keith (about damned time!) and turned on by his make-out scene with Patrick. And Nate, what can you do with Nate? I can't wait to see how they wrap this season all up, in 2 weeks.

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