Thursday, May 22, 2003

(Mythical) DC homo blog mafia update:
+Chris should be in Quebec by now. Can a brother get a table dance? Yes, he can.
+Ray's on the road this long weekend, too. And then there's his use of "get my kitten punched," which is still disturbing me vaguely.
+Meanwhile, Corey's kicking off his summer vacation by discussing free will vs. determinism.
+Jimbo got his handlebars ripped off this time - from his bike. And has returned to the Fu-Tang Clan. [Woof!]
+And I've got a bone to pick with you, Joe. Why didn't you tell me how fucking great Soilwork is?! Oh. My. God. [More on them soon, y'all.]

I'd damned well better see all of you in 2 weeks. Otherwise, I will be a very cranky Tom.

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