Thursday, May 22, 2003

Since I'm seeing a surprising number of bloggers sing its praises, I feel compelled to steal from Paul and point out that a "tepid exercise in smooth mediocrity" is exactly what I find the self-titled debut by the Thorns to be. [Paul disagrees heartily, as does Joe, amongst others.] I've never been a fan of either Shawn Mullins or Pete Droge, both of whom I think are largely hacks who got lucky with one (semi-)hit apiece. Matthew Sweet, however, I expect more from. Here's part of an IM from earlier this week with Stumpy, who knows almost as much about music as I do (and has almost as good taste) (please tell me y'all are picking up on my sarcasm here):

getstumpy (10:45:30 PM): Did I mention how much the Thorns sux?
massive3 (10:44:12 PM): Oh, yeah they do.
massive3 (10:44:14 PM): So boring.
getstumpy (10:45:48 PM): Every fucking vocal is layered.
getstumpy (10:46:02 PM): On the plus side, matthew is doing all the leads.
getstumpy (10:46:20 PM): But the songs are Sooooooo bland and the production is soooooo bad.
massive3 (10:45:15 PM): Yes, yes, yes.
getstumpy (10:46:46 PM): I told Sara it's like CSN sang a Wilson Phillips record produced by David fucking Foster.
massive3 (10:45:28 PM): It's like they made Sweet visit the planet of the pussy-men, or something.
getstumpy (10:47:02 PM): It does not rock.
massive3 (10:45:57 PM): In a James Taylor sense.
getstumpy (10:47:50 PM): No, there [are] one or two JT songs that don't make me want to committ suicide.
massive3 (10:46:40 PM): Fair enough.
getstumpy (10:48:07 PM): The Thorns record had me looking for sharp objects.
massive3 (10:46:47 PM): I always liked "Her Town Too."
getstumpy (10:48:20 PM): Yeah, that's not so bad.

You should know that Stumpy's such a Matthew Sweet fan that until recently, he still had on his Yahoo profile a pic of him and Sweet, circa 1995. He's seen him live more times than I know. So for him to say such things about the Thorns means it's pretty bad, kids. [Side note: ladies, d'you like Stumpy's pic? Then let him know. He's single and ready to mingle! Celine Dion fans need not apply. GBV fans of the female persuasion, on the other hand, should contact him immediately. That means right now!]

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