Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Tonight's Buffy was very impressive. Some thoughts:
+Very surprised the next-to-last-episode ever was so damned funny.
+Would they please let Andrew get a little sumpin-sumpin before the apocalypse?!
+Would they please let Buffy & Spike... oh, wait, look, there's Angel. I'm glad he's back, really glad. But not so thrilled about the fact that a) Spike saw it, and b) the First, of course, is spinning it to its (potential) advantage.
+[Regarding the previews] You had to know Caleb wasn't dead, didn't you?
+[Regarding the previews] Was that the opposite of evil Willow - Angelic (no pun intended) Willow?!

You've gotta give it up for Whedon and company - I have absolutely no idea how they're gonna finish this. In an hour, no less! But I sure as hell know I can't wait to find out. All we know so far is that Spike doesn't get staked, 'cause he's moving to L.A. and joining Angel next season. I'm still crossing my fingers for a Willow spinoff.

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