Saturday, May 31, 2003

Yet another Saturday-o'-fun with Chas. Began it having breakfast with him and the roomie at one of our favorite greasy spoons (biscuits and gravy, yay!), and then on to my third time seeing Chicago, only this time on the big screen (and from the balcony) at the Naro (our local arthouse/classic movie palace, complete with red velvet curtains in front of the screen). ReneƩ, Catherine, Richard, just seem to get better every time I see Chicago - here's hoping the DVD includes rehearsal footage. Then Chas and I headed north, to pick up my train tickets for next weekend - DC, here I come! Drove around aimlessly for a bit, hit a pizza buffet for dinner, swung through Office Max and picked up a box of neato 45rpm-simulation CD-Rs (which means you and you can inevitably count on getting some), rode out a couple of gorgeously nasty thunderstorms, and stopped both here and here without spending a penny! I rock.

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