Monday, June 23, 2003

Had a good, relaxing day yesterday. Woke up earlier than I intended to, so I hopped online, sent some email, downloaded some tunage, did some IMing. Once I got around to leaving the house, I ended up going to Hardee's for some sweet tea, to read and journal. Got a job application at Rite-Aid (am looking for a second, part-time job - applied at 7-Eleven last week). Meandered around the neighborhood a bit. Went home to make dinner (nachos!) and watch Sex and the City. Nothing too exciting, or taxing - just the way I (often) like my Sundays.

Today's fine, starting the week off well. The boss called in sick today - something she does about once a year - so I'm able to hop on an unused computer at the office and spend most of the day surfing the web. You'd think I'd take this opportunity to blog, but I'm feeling a bit low on inspiration...

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