Monday, June 23, 2003

"Mourn the losses, because they're many.
But celebrate the victories, because they're few."

- Debbie Novotny (Sharon Gless), Queer as Folk (Showtime, 2003)

For most of its first two seasons, QAF was the show I hated to love. It was packed full of sex and drama (of the drama queen variety), pretty people with uncomplicated lives, all suds and no cleaning power. But this season, something clicked in the series. Its increasing focus on its characters' relationships helped quite a bit, and lead to deeper character development, showing us new sides of the cast. Debbie became less shrill and more vulnerable as we saw her through her relationship with Horvath. Ben became a 'roid pig, and came back. Mel and Lindsay's relationship was tested by their decision to have another child. And so on. Even Brian and Justin's relationship came (at least partway) full circle.

The story lines were more compelling, too, most of all the Pittsburgh mayoral race, in which Brian was up to his neck through the whole thing (on both sides of the fence). Babies, teen runaways, and Tina queens, oh my! Even Michael's Uncle Vic got himself a man. And it all led up to an excellent season finale which showed a much needed new side to Michael, not to mention the continuing maturation of new character Hunter (that being the only cliffhanger heading into the fourth season). For the most part, the series can go anywhere from here - which is just as it should be. Here's hoping it returns sooner, rather than later (Showtime's renewed QAF for another two seasons already). I can finally watch Queer as Folk without feeling embarassed.

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