Sunday, June 22, 2003

Well, well, well. The season premiere of Sex and the City (the final season! *sniff*!), "To Market, To Market," was everything I'd hoped it would be. Samantha's back to her ways (if I need to tell you, you've never seen the show, have you?), Carrie's got first-date jitters with Berger, Miranda's dealing with Steve (as ever), and Charlotte's discovering the travails of being a shiksa. Oh, and there's a very surprising run-in near the episode's end which made my jaw drop involuntarily. The script was as polished as Charlotte's silver, and the acting by (and chemistry between) the show's four leads is as spot-on as it's ever been. Marvelous!

My only complaint: I really don't get some of the outfits Carrie sports. For example, in this photo (from the last season finale), is she wearing a towel? Not so smashing.

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