Friday, August 08, 2003

Meanwhile, in the blogworld (I'm tiring of "blogsphere"), Matt fascinates me (this post is a fine example, as is his posting in German and Portuguese, which I wish I read). There's something about him, as revealed through his writing, thinking, and art, which I find irresistible, even as I often disagree with what he says. That's the kind of blog I like, a lot. I emailed Jimbo yesterday and told him that for some reason I can't figure out, he intimidates me a bit (granted, I've only met him in the real world for about an hour or so). Jimbo replied that I just need to see him in drag more often. I think he's right. And I'm still waiting to see pics of Danny's kitty. [That is not a euphemism.]

I haven't had a lot of motivation to blog this week, mainly 'cause I just haven't had much to say. I haven't been listening to much new music, and things just seem to kind of be in stasis at the moment. [And I've been reading a lot, plundering my way through Ethan Mordden's "Buddies" series, which I'll be finishing in about 10 minutes. Will likely reread How Long Has This Been Going On?, one of the great gay novels, all-time division, this weekend.] Maybe tonight? Maybe tomorrow? Maybe next week? Hell if I know.

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