Thursday, August 21, 2003

REICHEN AND CHIP WON The Amazing Race 4!!! I guess we know who'll be on the cover of the next issue of The Advocate. The finalé was everything I could've wanted (though, admittedly, I was sorry to see the goats fuck up so badly in Cairns): a down-to-the-wire finish between Reichip and Jon & Kelly. Absolutely thrilling, non-exploitative reality television at its finest. What an adrenaline rush - and I was just on the sofa, watching! Yay, queen! [BTW, The Advocate has the Fab 5 on the cover of the current issue, and have a smashingly hilarious interview exclusively on their website.]

Addendum: While we'll have to wait two weeks to see them (I assume) on the cover of The Advocate, there's already an exclusive online interview with Chip and Reichen posted. Addressing the are-they-or-aren't-they (together) rumors, it sounds like they're trying to keep it together. I wouldn't call either of 'em single just yet. [And I hope they work it out, 'cause I love happy endings.]

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