Sunday, August 17, 2003

Remember Jason Nevins, househeads? He's the one who turned Run-D.M.C.'s "It's Like That" into a global #1 (everwhere except the dumb U.S., really) back in '98 by refitting its chassis with a pumping house track, while somehow never losing the original track's flair. He's back, and finally making original tracks of his own on par with his remixing abilities at their finest. For help in explaining his new single "I'm In Heaven" (credited to the rather unwieldly moniker Jason Nevins presents UKNY featuring Holly James), I turn to the ever-brill James Masterton, from his last week's chart commentary on dotmusic:

Some ideas are so good that they can bear repeating and one such idea is the sampling of the melodic riff from Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" (a track from the Thriller album). The idea was first used by SWV who incorporated it into their single "Right Here" and who were rewarded with a Number 3 hit in the summer of 1993. Now it is the turn of Jason Nevins to take on exactly the same concept, mixing the melody with an original song to produce an uplifting and startlingly fresh sounding hit single.

Amen, amen! "I'm In Love" might well be one of the house singles of the year. It's pure pleasure, pure uplift, and altogether as buoyant as a load of 50 life preservers thrown in a calm pool. Nevins uses Jacko's melody without making it sound cheesy in the least, mixing it superbly into the fabric of "I'm In Heaven" so it startles deliciously rather than jars unsettlingly. A gorgeous blast of sunshine, it is.

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