Monday, September 08, 2003

Odds & ends (chiefly meta-blogging edition):

I should've known, those fuckers. The MTV News blog was simply a promotional device for the VMAs. Fuckers.

Amazing writing as always over at The Church of Me, where Marcello uses a King Britt remix as a jump-off point for a myriad of other topics (as always). He reviews the Richard X album (which, based on what I've heard, is fairly godlike) for the new Uncut (but why John & Yoko on the cover, again?!).

Donald has excerpts from the 20/20 interview with Macaulay Culkin that should have been (page down to "Baba Wawa").

Tracks from the new Mandy Moore album, Coverage, are starting to pop up online, and they're only whetting my eagerness to buy this record (October 21). The full songs are even better than the clips posted on her site. Here's the tracklisting:
1 Senses Working Overtime
2 The Whole Of The Moon
3 Can We Still Be Friends
4 I Feel The Earth Move
5 Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
6 Drop The Pilot
7 Moonshadow
8 One Way Or Another
9 Breaking Us In Two
10 Anticipation
11 Help Me
12 Have A Little Faith In Me
Paul (back from vacation!) pointed out in conversation last night that the album cover is reminiscent of Carly Simon's '70s records, and I agree - especially thanks to the record label logo on the upper lefthand corner. Design-wise, it's a triumph. And musically? Marvelous. I think this will likely be one of my ten favorite albums of 2003. Stop hating and Coverage a shot - Mandy's got a great voice, great arrangements, and superb song selection.

There are some frankly fascinating posts about - well, getting fucked - over at Devon the Escort's Diary.

And finally, DC's loss is Durham's gain with Matt's move down I-95.

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