Thursday, November 20, 2003

I have four things to say about Jacko:

1. "A handcuffed Michael Jackson walked into the Santa Barbara jail on Thursday to face child molestation charges that could destroy the pop superstar's career and send him to prison for years."
Don't you kind of have to still have a viable career for it to be destroyed? Just wondering.

2. "Jermaine Jackson angrily defended his brother in an interview with CNN. ... 'My brother is not eccentric. ...'"
Which universe are you living in, Jermaine?

3. Notice Janet's thus far been smart enough to keep her mouth shut. Maybe because she still has a career.

4. There's an incredibly cynical part of me that almost wants to wonder if this entire thing is some sort of elaborate publicity stunt to remind people that Michael's a) still around and b) has a new album in stores (the pathetic Number Ones, not all of which were #1s, and this not even a decade following the HIStory best-of - all the new record does is serve to put a point on a career in bas relief decline, since it's sequenced chronologically). I know it's not, but can't help but wonder. And that's, in some ways, the saddest thing of all. Remember, Michael used to be full of life and magic and amazement and so, so gifted. Pull out your copy of Off the Wall or Thriller if you've forgotten, and remember the times.

Oh, and one of the Associated Press's music writers, Nekesa Mumbi Moody, wrote a great story yesterday about MJ's fading career.

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