Friday, November 14, 2003

It's been a good day.

At work, we get 2 hours per month for doctor's visits. If you don't use it, it's gone; it doesn't roll over or anything. So I figure, why not use it whether I need to or not? So today I had a "checkup" I'd "forgotten" until yesterday. Translation: I left work three hours early (using an hour of sick leave for the extra hour), which gave me time to run some errands, get my hurr did (freshly shorn, yay!), pick up my computer, and such. I also ran into my friend Shawn, whom I hadn't seen in months, at Supercuts, so we had lunch (well, he had lunch and I had a cocktail, as it was 3pm and I'd eaten at 1130am). I also met with Todd and Jenn for drinks later; Todd's boyfriend retrieved him shortly after my arrival, so I sat and talked with Jenn over Jack Daniels and nachos. Then I met up again with Shawn to see Mambo Italiano, a/k/a My Big Fat Gay Italian Wedding. Really - that's pretty much all it is, trading Greek stereotypes for Italian ones, moving the setting from Chicago's Greektown to Montréal's Little Italy, and tossing in lots of you-can't-be-gay handwringing. It's a trifle, and not a great one at that. Wait for it on DVD or cable.

Much better is the new Alicia Keys single, "You Don't Know My Name." Apparently, her sophomore effort, if this single's any indication, is worth waiting for. She's singing as sweetly as ever, the song's underpinned with her piano (with a gorgeously Mantovani-esque trill in the chorus), and the multitracked "ooh ooh"s are sweet brown sugar. "Know" is about falling for and thinking about a guy who doesn't, well, even know your name. And it includes a nearly 2-minute spoken word breakdown in its middle - a phone call, no less! This is completely lovely, easy soul, and I do mean soul.

"Change Clothes," the first single from Jay-Z's The Black Album, is fine-ass too, but I haven't heard it enough to write about it just yet.

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