Thursday, November 20, 2003

I've added Fit to be Tied to the blogroll, and want to tell you how I know its author, Geoffrey Saunders Schramm (that's his homepage, not the same as his blog). Mr. Schramm is officially, now that we've re-made each other's acquaintance, the person I've known the longest without ever actually meeting; we were both on a Madonna discussion list back in the early-mid '90s, back in the days of Usenet, Bitnet, It was an odd list; somehow, both Geoffrey and I had happened upon what had to be the only non-gay-dominated Madonna discourse on the then-nascent 'net. And it had a bunch of homophobes on it, of all things. Hello, had those people never actually heard Mads?! I distinctly recall Geoffrey sticking up for me at least (but likely more than) once - hopefully, I did the same in return. And now, thanks to the serendipidity (his word choice) of the 'net, and the blogworld in particular, we're connected again. [Props to 'fer, the middleman in all of this.] His blog is good, intelligent stuff, and his thesis sounds fascinating to boot. Pay him a visit, won't you?

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