Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Odds & ends:

Anyone know what's been up with Blogger? It's eaten not one but two posts of mine in the past 24 hours.

Well, well, well... it's not the same as knocking off #1, but regardless, hello again, Chaminade!

I suppose a Chemicals remix of Kylie's "Slow" makes up for the inclusion of Liz Phair: details about the forthcoming Queer Eye soundtrack are beginning to emerge.

Please oh please! The mere thought of getting to see the original lineup of Motley Crue - which I never have - is enough to make salivate, a lot.

Kurt Loder has some thoughts about MJ.

The more I listen to Erykah Badu's Worldwide Underground EP, the more I'm thoroughly convinced that it's her best record yet. Where Mama's Gun suffered at times from being so lyrically heavy (and, occasionally, a bit clumsily so), this record has no such problems, chiefly because it's at heart a groove record, with a real '70s feel pervading most of it (or, in the case of the Sequence homage "Love of My Life Worldwide," an early-'80s feel). "Back in the Day" and the 10-minute-plus "I Want You" especially stand out in those terms. Badu's about setting a mood here, and does so expertly.

Go Home Productions's quickie "Jacko Under Pressure" is well worth hearing, because you won't believe how well the vocal line of "Rock with You" meshes with the Queen and David Bowie track - and for the news soundbites he cheekily drops into the mix. And it was conceived, made, and played on national UK radio in under 24 hours! Props.

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