Friday, November 14, 2003

Odds & ends:

At last, he is free: R.I.P., Tony Thompson. The drummer of Chic and the Power Station died Wednesday, leaving Nile Rodgers the only instrumentalist remaining from that groundbreaking, bodyrocking band. [Bernard Edwards passed a couple of years back while on tour in Japan.] Erik and I were discussing just the other night why it is that Nile's never been seen as part of that upper eschelon of all-time great guitarists, like (I'd argue) EVH - though not Hendrix, Beck, and Page, the holy trinity. Nile's chicken-scratch style is so instantly recognizable, and so ridiculously influential, it seems a crime to me that so many just consider him a member of "some disco band." Oh, how wrong you are - just check the resumé.

One of my favorite things in the world is Hostess Cupcakes - or, as I like to refer to them, Ho-Cakes. Why? Because as this classic reminds us, "Hos got to eat, too!"

Last night the 2003-2004 NCAA Men's Division I College Basketball season kicked off in fine style with the Coaches vs Cancer Classic in NYC, which featured 2 games last night with two tonight. Wake Forest looked good in their win over Memphis, while Marquette looked sloppy, but tough, in a ragged victory over St. John's. Tonight's the big 'un, though: St. Joseph's vs. Gonzaga, baby. Mm-mm-good. [And is it wrong that I have a little crush on Marquette coach Tom Crean? (Horrible pic of him there; he looks much better in his glasses, too.)]

R.I.P. to Michael's blog (no link available), which he's taken down for personal reasons. Ray-Ray's blog is still up, but he's no longer posting, so I've taken the link down until if/when he resumes.

Ha! Yet another reason why new father Kos rocks.

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