Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Odds & ends:

GeekSlut's mentioned in Tristan Taormino's column in the new issue of the Village Voice! Woo hoo!

The death penalty's an issue on which I'm still wishy-washy; I think it depends on the particulars of each case. But if you kill 48 women, you fucking deserve to die. Preferably in the manner in which you killed most of your victims. Honestly, I hope this psycho is murdered in prison.

Superb post by Erik on best-ofs/hits collections.

My roomie has a superb post of his own up today, about the issues surrounding having vs. not having a car.

I'm happy that Letterman's happy, I really am. But dude, did you think about this, upon deciding to have your first kid: you're gonna be in your mid-70s when he graduates from high school. Your mid-70s! Of course, perhaps Dave's taking advice from frequent guest (and creepy septegenarian parent) Tony Randall, who will likely be dead when his kid graduates.

How is it that I only recently - i.e., within the last week - discovered the marvelousness that is OutKast featuring Sleepy Brown's "The Way You Move"? Frankly, it's a) nice to hear someone other than Pharrell singing the hook to a hiphop single, and b) surprising to hear (at least on their respective first singles from Speakerboxxx/The Love Below) Big Boi outfunking Andre 3000 ("Hey Ya!" may be many things, but particularly funky is not one of them). So fresh, so stripped-down during the verses, and so salsatastically sexy on the choruses. Mm-mm-good like Campbell's clam chowder.

Oh, and I've covered another 9 songs in the past 2 days over at Rock Me Tonight, if you're curious. I'm now almost halfway through 1981.

And in case you missed it - I know it's already popped up throughout the blogworld - here's the transcript of Cher's recent appearance on C-SPAN. [No, it's not a joke. It's very much worth reading, too, if you haven't already.]

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