Thursday, November 13, 2003

*Sniff.* [Via Todd.]

Not much posting these last couple of days because of work, and still not having my computer back at home. That should change, hopefully, this weekend.

Friday a.m. update: I get my computer back this afternoon. Also this weekend, Paul should be resurrecting The Rub and putting God's Audio-Visual Aid to bed. Of course, we'll both be watching loads of college football as well. The big game this week? Purdue-Ohio State, of course, #10 taking on #4 in Columbus with both Big Ten and BCS implications on the line. [I say if the Boilers win, they'll get a BCS bowl, because not only is someone else above them in the standings destined to lose, but they'll get mondo quality-win points for beating the Buckeyes. My dream scenario has us winning Saturday, and then OSU winning at the Big House next weekend, thus giving us the Big Ten title - and accompanying trip to Pasadena - outright.] On the agenda, as well: finishing Felice Picano's marvelous memoir Ambidextrous and a trip to see Love, Actually (I'm a sucker for Brit romcoms with big ensemble casts). More posting over at Rock Me Tonight, too.

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