Wednesday, November 19, 2003

So last night, I was talking (separately) with both Erik and Paul about the fact that I'm so single-oriented. [I'm talking music, people, music.] And that every once in a while I think about doing a Top 5 or 10 albums of all time post, but then I remember that that would include writing about Sign "O" the Times - and really, can anything top the post Matos put up in May, in prep for his forthcoming book on saidsame album?

And then later, the Big E and I were discussing boxed sets. He thinks the greatest, ever is Marvin Gaye's The Master, especially for its rarities ('81 NBA All-Star Game "Star Spangled Banner," I vote for Steely Dan's Citizen Steely Dan, for its completeness (every track, every album, '72-'80, third and fourth discs the best). We agreed on the unexpected joy brought by the Planet Squeezebox 3-CD accordians-around-the-world box, and the 3 discs of early experimental electronics collected on OHM, both various artists comps on Ellipsis Arts. And I'm a big fan of It's Your Thing: The Best of The Isley Brothers, especially the baby-makin' body-rockin' boots-knockin' perfection of its third disc.

Yeah, I know I'm kinda rambling. Hello, I'm a blogger...

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