Friday, November 14, 2003

Todd's got a new blog - having 2 blogs is the new having 1 blog, haven't you heard? - called Global Comment, which he calls "A portal to international news, foreign policy, international relations and diplomacy." Sounds good to me.

Also good is the new issue of Vanity Fair (their website is basically bereft of content, unless you want to subscribe, so I'm not linking it). Since it's their December issue, it's also their annual "Hall of Fame" issue, and this year the cover goes to what VF calls "TV's Gay Heat Wave." It's a gorgeous Mark Seliger shot...

...of the Will & Grace quartet, along with Queer As Folk's Gale Harold and Queer Eye's Carson Kressley. There's an accompanying article (which I haven't read just yet - come now, such pretty pics on which to lavish attention!) and three more photos, adding in the rest of the Queer casts (both of 'em) along with most of that from Showtime's forthcoming The L-Word and the schmo from Boy Meets Boy. What, no Reichip?! What you really need to see, however, is at the far right of the first photo inside, where we see Eye's Ted Allen sliding a hand into Peter Paige (Folk's Emmett)'s leather pants. Grrrowl! Ted is positively smoldering.

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