Thursday, November 06, 2003

Various and sundry thoughts from the CMA Awards (yes, I was jotting down notes, what else?). It's very stream-of-consciousness, so bear with me.

Oh. My. God. Am stunned that "Hurt" took Single. Notable that John Carter Cash get total silence when accepting his Dad's awards - you know how at most awards shows, there's someone hooting while an acceptance speech is delivered? Not for John Carter Cash, that's respect. The Cash tribute was great. Hank, Jr. totally channelling Johnny on "Ring of Fire"! But gold lamé? Well, that's Hank, I guess. Travis (Tritt) and Sheryl (Crow) doing "Jackson," yay! Sheryl needs to just cut the pop shit and make a country album. Willie opening with "I Walk the Line," Kristofferson doing "Folsom Prison Blues" - kinda thought he'd do "Sunday Morning Coming Down," which he won the Song of the Year CMA award for in '70 thanks to Johnny. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band doing "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," with everyone joining in - only could Johnny get this disparate group together on stage in harmony. The Possum (George Jones, if you have to ask) giving out Entertainer: "God bless Johnny and June Carter Cash." He appeared to tear up as John C. Cash accepted the album trophy from Kid Rock and LeAnn Rimes, who looked like Rock's hooker for the evening. When Rock opened the envelope, "As it should be, Johnny Cash." Rick Rubin - the man who cofounded Def Jam, who produced Licensed To Ill and Slayer - now owns 2 CMA trophies (for producing Cash), wow. Same thing, a non-Nashville guy winning those two prizes for production, happened 2 years ago with T-Bone Burnett and the O Brother phenom. Cash went 3 of 4 tonight, wow - he's the big story, even though he tied with Alan Jackson.

Gosh, that Jimmy Buffet song sucks, so of course it won Vocal Event, but better that than Toby & Willie, I guess (would've liked to see Rock and Crow take it - knew Dirt Band and Cash wouldn't). Alan's Male Vocalist win an honest-to-God suprise - is Toby gonna be shut out?! George Jones forgot to read Entertainer nominees, but what are you gonna do? He's George fucking Jones and you're not; he's the greatest country singer of all time, alright? Entertainer goes to Alan again? Wow! Toby did get shut out completely, going 0-for-7. How's that boot in your ass feel, Toby? That's backlash - and frankly, I'm glad. Here's hoping he returns to writing some good, heartfelt songs and stops being Bush's lil' cheerleader. "I Love This Bar" isn't bad, just boring - which from him is criminal. Sitting in the audience not winning, he just looks pissy everytime they pan to him.

Brooks & Dunn's "You Can't Take the Honky Tonk Out of the Girl" sounds like a Southern rewrite of "Honky Tonk Women" - accordingly, it's pretty great. Are B&D becoming the new ZZ Top? I sure hope so. It was a honky tonk kind of night, 'cause George Strait (whom Vince Gill introduced as "King George") did a new song titled "Honk! If You Honky Tonk" - pretty good, complete with piano and steel guitar solos. George is SO hard country. And of course, Alan is, too, Buffet collabos notwithstanding.

Gutsy of Tim McGraw to play "Red Rag Top," a year-old song which actually caused controversy at the end of '02. Great performance, and his lead guitar player is hot.

At least 6 cuts to Amy Grant in the audience laughing at things her husband (Vince) says.

Could Joe Nichols turn into the next Strait over time? His music's got the twang, and he's got a helluva voice on him. Nice to see a true new artist, and a talented rookie at that, take home the Horizon Award.

I love Shania's weird faux-punk Asian fiddle player.

I loathe Rascal Flatts, and their lead singer even seemed to have trouble staying on key during "I Melt," and am cranky they won Vocal Group (shoulda been the Chicks, even though we all knew it wouldn't). But have to give them at least a little respect for pulling a Ving Rhames and giving their award to Alabama.

20 separate performances, plus the Cash tribute - and every time they cut to commercial and said "coming up next," whatever they promised was actually in the next segment. How refreshing. This is without a doubt my favorite awards show, year in year out. And Vince is such an adorkable host.

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