Sunday, November 30, 2003

Yes, yes, I'm fully aware that I haven't gotten done nearly the amount of writing I'd intended to do this weekend. Friday night I actually went out. The numbers: 3 bars, 3.5 hours, 7 bourbon & Cokes (2 prior to leaving the house), 1 Southwest Steak Bowl at Taco Bell afterwards. Good to see my friend Michael, whom I don't see enough of, as well. Yesterday I didn't do much, save for reading Tracks cover-to-cover and watching a lot of college basketball. And living up to my rep as a total and complete phonewhore. Today, I worked on more writing (as yet incomplete) and watched the heartbreaking Colts loss to the Patriots, 38-34. Peyton's line: 29/48 for 278 and 4 TDs. Wowza.

You may notice the button to your right for Link and Think: The Personal Publishing Communities Respond on World AIDS Day. World AIDS Day, of course, is tomorrow, December 1. As part of L&T, I'll be publishing a post about my experiences with AIDS; I encourage you to do the same. It's not too late to join in, and I feel strongly that increasing awareness of AIDS and HIV is still all-too-important, especially as the CDC reports that HIV infection rates among gay men are on the rise again. Africa, meanwhile, is being decimated by the disease, and as residents (as I am and most of my readers are) of the most prosperous nation in the world, a nation which can spend $87 billion on Bush's dirty war, we have a RESPONSIBILITY to be doing more. Silence still = death. More tomorrow.

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