Thursday, December 04, 2003

Black Eyed Peas will henceforth be referred to at Oh, Manchester as Black Eyed "Fuckin' A, they're Arrested Development only not as good, and that's saying something" Peas, also known as Black Eyed Arrested Development, or BEAR for short. Please make a note of it. "Where Is the Love" is a likely "winner" of my Worst Single of '03 designation. Yeah, there were truly worse - 3 Doors Down's wretched "When I'm Gone" and anything by Evanescence come to mind, and the less said about Darryl Worley's "Have You Forgotten I Let Bush and Cheney Come In My Mouth?" the better (he wins this year's Lee Greenwood "You'll Always Have a Job at Republican Get-Togethers" Award) - but the reason BEAR may take it is 'cause we had reason to believe that the single might've been good. A middling faux-indie-rap group working with Justin? Hmm, sounds potentially interesting. Apparently, the key word in that sentence was "potentially." "Where Is the Love" is so unequivocably vile - and overplayed - as to make one wonder what J-Tim was thinking-slash-getting-paid.

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