Thursday, December 04, 2003

The Grammy nominations have been announced, and to be honest, I don't find a ton of surprises at the top. First of all, here's an email I dashed off to Stumpy immediately upon hearing the noms in the "Big 4" categories (Record, Song, Album, and New Artist):

All I've seen so far is the Big 4. Very interesting.

I told you Stripes would be in album - but
Evanescence?! And Missy's LAST album, while not
nomming "Work It" [for Record]?? OutKast are gonna take this,
unless they shock us all and go with J-Tim.

V. surprised that Beyoncé & J-Tim weren't nommed in
New Artist. And, um, Fountains of Wayne? Guess "Stacy"
was just hitting as voters filled out their ballots.
Heather Headley's a typical outta-nowhere R&B nod (I
know her stuff, actually, and she's good - but what?
Guess I should be glad it's not Jason Mraz. On the
other hand, I'd at least like to fuck him). 50 wins
this easily.

Stunned by the almost total lack of overlap between
Record and Song (only "Lose Yourself" in both). "I'm
With You"? Gag. Not surprised by "Beautiful" or "Dance
with my Father" at all. And, um, "we're sorry you're
dead WARREN ZEVON"?!?! It's gonna be tight between the
XTina and Luther songs. [Unless they give it to the
Oscar-winner, which wouldn't stun me.]

Record: apart from those fucking BEP, can't complain
too much, though I'm surprised "Hurt" was left out,
and "In Da Club." Whatcha wanna bet J-Tim split his
votes here, too? You think OutKast win Album AND
Record, or is the Beyonce too undeniable?

Producer [of the Year] is interesting. Someone actually remembered to nominate the Neptunes this year, and their body of work is undeniable (S=single, A=album, T=track; the artists are in parentheses):
• Beautiful (Snoop Dogg Featuring Pharrell & Uncle Charlie Wilson) (S)
• Come Close (Common Featuring Mary J. Blige) (T)
• Excuse Me Miss (Jay-Z) (S)
• Frontin' (The Neptunes Featuring Pharrell Williams & Jay-Z) (S)
• Justified (Justin Timberlake) (A)
• Luv U Better (LL Cool J Featuring Marc Dorsey) (T)
• The Neptunes Present...Clones (The Neptunes Featuring Various Artists) (A)
• Rock Your Body (Justin Timberlake) (T)
Also nommed were OutKast for producing their own and Killer Mike's albums, Nigel Godrich for Radiohead, The Matrix for Liz Phair and Hilary Duff and friggin' Lillix (did Maddy pay someone off?), and inexplicably - they never won in the '80s, when they should've, but now seem to be nommed every year - Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, who apparently produced Heather Headley's single, The Fighting Temptations soundtrack, and some Mya tracks you've never heard. Barring a complete OutKast sweep, I'll be absolutely stunned if Chad & Hugo don't take this. Won't you?

More shortly.

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