Monday, December 22, 2003

Great Andy Katz column today over at about when students meet their teachers on the hardwood - i.e., former assistants/star players-turned-head-coaches taking on their mentors' teams. The peg is a very interesting men's college basketball game happening tonight at 9pm on ESPN, as Steve Alford's Iowa Hawkeyes travel to Lubbock to face Bob Knight's Texas Tech Red Raiders. Both teams have been playing bubblicious-to-good ball in the early part of the season, and this game should give both Knight and Alford a good indication of where their respective teams are headed.

Speaking of good indications, after Purdue's (frankly) embarassing 60-59 loss to SMU yesterday in their own Boilermaker Invitational, here's what head coach Gene Keady had to say:

"This team, right now, can go either way... we can either be a real bad team in March or a real fun team. It's going to be a nice test to see how we respond."

Whatcha wanna bet that Gene won't be handing out Christmas gifts to Kenny Lowe and company this week? The Boilers host Evansville on Saturday before hitting the road for games at Colorado State and Baylor; Purdue opens its Big Ten campaign 1/7 at Iowa.

Oh, and one other hoops query: what the fuck happened to Kansas last night, losing 75-61 at Nevada?!

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