Wednesday, December 03, 2003

How many times over the years does Keef have to prove, definitively, that he's infinitely more rock'n'roll than Mick, before the world recognizes it? [Of course, the beauty is that Keith doesn't give a fuck.] If there was ever any question, it was answered definitively in 1988, when Keith Richards released his first solo record, Talk Is Cheap. A rollicking blend of rock, soul, bar-room blues and Keef's traditionally ripping leads, this is soaked in 190-proof soul (the Memphis Horns, Sarah Dash, Ivan Neville, Maceo Parker, Bootsy Collins, and a myriad of others guest) and sounds so much more essentially real than anything Mr. Jagger's ever done on his own. "Take It So Hard" rocks and rolls like few Stones songs have in the time since.

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