Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I'm still among the living, but not the living well. Switched from Nyquil to Robitussin as I really need to get into work tomorrow - I hate missing days unscheduled like this; fortunately, I don't believe I had anything utterly urgent-slash-pressing to take care of. Not only did it feel this a.m. as if someone'd taken a razor blade to my throat, but I've been running a low-grade fever all day, and - well, you don't care about the rest of my cold symptoms, so there's no need to go into them, is there? May post a little bit tonight, depending on if my energy level stays decent.

Do need to let you know that both Messrs. Geoffrey and Todd have moved; please make a note of it.

Also need to let you know that I saw Love, Actually Monday night (before my health went even further along the road to Hell) with the Gentleman I've Been Seeing (who will henceforth be referred to as GIBS for short; I've decided to attempt to keep more of my private life just that - I mean, this isn't a dating blog, is it?). He found it overlong and boring, while I thought it was a perfectly lovely British romcom (that's romantic comedy for the uninitiated). Hugh Grant was a perfect choice - the only one, really - to play the Prime Minister, and the entire cast was splendid. A fine, Christmas-y movie.

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