Friday, December 12, 2003

I've used countless search engines, including combing through 100+ results on Google, but have found absolutely nothing, so I'm putting a call for help out here. Does anyone have, or can anyone find, the lyrics to Carly Simon's "Why"? Please, please, somebody help! [Oddly, her official site doesn't have any lyrics.] As regular visitors are fully aware, this song is my truest not-released-in-2003 musical obsession of 2003, and along those lines, I'm going to take a page from Marcello Carlin's book and make origami out of it this year. Alongside my singles and albums lists, my year-end wrap will include a separate compendium of reissues, comps, and songs I re/discovered in '03 - headed, obviously enough, by Ms. Simon's genius move. Perhaps the only year-end list on which you'll find both Mariah and the Chemicals, as well.

My 2003 listmania probably won't come until the first of the year, BTW, to ensure I make room for the latebreakers (like Floetry's "Say Yes," unknown to me two months ago, now almost a shoo-in for my top 10 singles) and late releases (cf. Jay-Z's The Black Album - maybe).

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