Wednesday, December 17, 2003

My score was
54.58937% - Super Music Nerd
on The Music Nerd Test. [I prefer the term "music geek," myself. Link via Nate's livejournal - and like him, I'm frankly surprised by how low my score was.]

Speaking of being a Music Nerd-slash-Geek, no, I haven't abandoned my newest baby, Rock Me Tonight; have just gotten caught up in other things, and needed a brief break. Lately, any time I've had a minute to work on it, something has come up almost instantaneously. Hopefully, before week's end, I'll get back to it, and wrap up 1982.

And, I've decided which year I'm going to do a C700 Go! on: 1986. It will not be the same mix as this one, I'm assuming (I got the link, but didn't cheat and look at it).

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