Sunday, December 07, 2003

Odds & ends, pending Blogger not getting all fuckish again (as it has been most of today):

Albums I neglected to mention in this post:
Radiohead, Hail to the Thief - unjustly short-shrifted and ignored, always fascinating. Maybe Kid B+?
OutKast, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below - a true grower, though not 100%. And it's true; Andre 3000's disc wallops Big Boi's.
Fleetwood Mac, Say You Will - too much MOR pop material, but also shows Buckingham flying his freak flag for the first time in far too long. "Come" is his 21st century rewrite of "Tusk" (sans The USC Marching Trojans) and is just as fine.

Peyton Manning? Check. Edgerrin James? Check. Mike Vanderjagt? Check. Colts back atop the AFC South? Check! I'm sorry, Paul, but someone's gotta lose. And twice this season it's been your Titans to my Colts. *Sniff.* His exact words, I believe, postgame: "We've got the wild card locked!" [Seriously, I watched a good 1/3 of this game while on the phone with Mr. Cox, which is always a pleasure. And for those wondering, his blog is back. Kinda-sorta.]

BCS controversy, yay! Not that it'll ever get us a friggin' D-I college football playoff, grumble grumble...

Angels in America tonight on HBO. So very excited.

Based on what I've heard so far of Alicia Keys's The Diary of Alicia Keys - about half of the album - my snap-judgement verdict is: good, not great. Much akin to Songs In A Minor. But boy, "You Don't Know My Name" is a motherfucker of a single. And "Heartburn" is kinda an old-soul live band-sounding take on early '80s R&B, very tasty.

VH-1's "Big in 2003" "awards" show has got to be one of the lamest such things ever. I spent a little time this evening flipping between that and the Pats-Dolphins game, thinking it had to improve. Apart from OutKast's performance, however, no, it didn't. Please God, let them tour in 2004. I saw 'em on the Stankonia tour a couple years back, and they (and their live band) were mind-blowing. I can only imagine how much further their future shit has progressed, live, now.

Actually watched the first 1/2 hour or so of Saturday Night Live last night, with Rev. Al Sharpton hosting. He was, in a word, hilarious. The "Michael Jackson on a rollercoaster" skit, with Sharpton as Johnnie Cochran, was priceless. And no, I most certainly did not stay tuned for fucking Pink.

I really need to get my driver's license. Well, and a car, but the license comes first.

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