Thursday, December 04, 2003

Odds & ends:

The RIAA has some holiday presents to hand out, in the form of 41 more subpoenas. What a bunch of "we will crush you, teenage Britney fan" pigfuckers. I'm all for supporting artists. However, Clive Davis does not need any more of my (or anyone else's) money, and that's who's getting it when I buy CDs. The RIAA doesn't work for artists; Cary Sherman licks corporate ass. There'll be a special place for him in Hades, I trust.

I just noticed last month that Kim Gordon says "say it, don't spray it" in the intro to Sonic Youth's "Teenage Riot." Lovely.

The big event of my day is the impending announcement (in about an hour; it's 830am Pacific time, not Eastern) of this year's Grammy nominees. I've got high hopes for OutKast, J-Tim, and Beyoncé. And that they finally fucking nominate the Neptunes for Producer of the Year. They've only owned pop music (in its broadest sense) for, what, 3 years now? [Of course I'll be posting about the nods later today - as if you had to ask?]

The Big Ten went a dismal 2-7 in this year's ACC/Big Ten Challenge. One of the 2, however, was Purdue, who proved that their Great Alaska Shootout championship was no fluke in topping Clemson 76-64. Hail, hail, old Purdue; we're 5-0 for the first time in 6 years.

Memo to Eminem: Some of your productions are pretty good, but sampling the friggin' Edgar Winter Group to craft a "new" 2Pac/Biggie track ("Runnin'") is not necessarily a good idea. Actually, it's a terrible one. I can't be the only 2Pac fan tired of the endless stream of posthumous records, can I?

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