Sunday, December 07, 2003

This is Boysterous. They were supposed to be the UK's hot new boyband, but apparently they've already split up, following the release (and underwhelming #53 chart placing) of their first single, "Up & Down." I actually find it to be a decent, if somewhat bland, cheery pop record. But what you really must see is the song's video. [Broadband or 56K, take your pick.] It's so jaw-droppingly good/bad (mostly the latter) that I'm, well, at a loss for words (and we all know that's not a frequent occurence). I'll let the sterling words of Mr. Popjustice take over from here:

"As the video ends, the band are cornered by fans and with a cry of "GERREM OFF!" the fans rip Boysterous' clothes to shreds. From the frenzy the band emerge, now clad only in their boxer shorts [boxerbriefs, actually - Yankee ed.] ... and run down the street. What follows is breathtaking. Should, through some bizarre rift in the fabric of celebrity, any member of this band ever become famous, the shots of Boysterous running towards the camera in their underwear will haunt them forever. Especially the one who's wearing white underwear. Seriously, viewers, the whole lot's on show - 'Up And Down' doesn't even begin to describe it."

Shame about those rooster haircuts, though.

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