Saturday, December 27, 2003

Yes, I'm still alive. Having a marvelous vacation back in the Hoosier state. Spent three days with my family, which was great, though it served to remind me what a city dweller I've become; after three days in (virtually) the middle of nowhere without transport or 7-Elevens nearby, I was, frankly, ready to move along. Which I've done. I'm now reporting live from Jeffy's, a/k/a Club Ralston, in Indianapolis, after a splendid day of reminiscences in both of our hometowns. I feel better just using a cable 'net connection again. Tonight, we're going to hear a buddy of Jeff's spin deep house. Pinch me, somebody! Not much else to report, frankly. Hoping your vacations - for those of you fortunate enough to be on them, still - are proving as pleasant as mine.

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