Saturday, January 17, 2004

Currently rocking me like a hurricane, or, those obscure objects of desire:
+Gold Canyon Candle Company's Ginger Lime candles. The best-smelling candle ever, and not too heavy a scent. As an added bonus for me, my sister sells them. [And no, I don't get a discount.]
+Crest Whitening Expressions Fresh Citrus Breeze toothpaste, used on my new Crest SpinBrush. Perfect after rinsing with Natural Citrus Listerine. I hate mint. Citrus rocks!
+The return of James Masterton's UK Top 40 commentary on the relaunched dotmusic, now part of Launch UK. Not so impressed with the Launch-dotmusic merger. Always impressed with Masterton.
+Camp will be released on DVD February 24th. Yay, queen! Here's a closeup of the cover art.

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