Saturday, January 24, 2004

Downloads going steady:

Since the first time I heard it, I've been telling any and everyone that OutKast's "She Lives In My Lap" would make a perfect match for a mashup with Prince's "The Ballad of Dorothy Parker." [I don't have the software, or werewithall, to do it - if anyone is up for the challenge, please let me know.] It's also the clearest evidence yet of Andre 3000's Prince obsession. Of course, I'd argue that anyone who's ever even heard Sign "O" the Times should have a Prince obsession! I mean, this is a song about a waitress named Dorothy Parker! It also features one of my favorite lyrics of all time: "You're kinda cute. Wanna take a bath?" Don't forget, as well, that as part of their marvelous 33 1/3 series, Continuum Books will publish an appreciation of SOTT by Michaelangelo Matos next month.

The Oscar nominations will be announced Tuesday. One of the dark horses for which I'm rooting vociferously is in the category of Best Original Song, and it's the title song from School of Rock, performed by - duh - the School of Rock (a/k/a Jack Black and a bunch of kids). Written by screenwriter/actor Mike White and the Mooney Suzuki, it's not the best song from 2003. But it's one of the most fun, and sums up the film perfectly.

Scissor Sisters' cover of "Comfortably Numb" is discussed below. Appropriate, too, because while I'm (obviously) feeling better - I say "(obviously)" because I wouldn't be back in music crit/geek mode if I weren't, would I? - I'm still (wait for it, again obviously) kinda numb.

New downloads going up at Rock Me Tonight, too.

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