Friday, January 23, 2004

I saw a sneak preview of tonight's Frankie Goes To Hollywood episode of Bands Reunited today, and lemme tell you, if you love/d FGTH, you've got to tune in (10pm EST, VH-1). And Paul Rutherford, the singer/dancer (I always thought of him as their hypeman - kinda like Puffy back in the day) is totally hot these days. Their greatest single, IMNSHO, is "Two Tribes" - which, so sadly, peaked at #41 in the US as the follow-up to "Relax." In the UK, it spent nine weeks (9!) at #1. And for good reason - not only is this FGTH's finest moment, I think it's Trevor Horn's definitive son-of-Phil Spector production, as well.

Oh, and while there was no catfighting in last night's Klymaxx episode, there wasn't a full reunion, either. But somebody slap me, Joyce "Fenderella" Irby was lookin' good!

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