Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I've been a big fan of Daily Kos for some time now; it's the 'net/blog destination for Dem/liberal news and analysis w/o media bias. But I'm not sure I've ever read as impressive a piece on Beltway politics - both GOP and DNC-style - until reading Stirling Newberry's "Inside the Beltway Bubble" - an inspired and spot-on (to my eyes) piece of work. If you care any about the future of this great nation of ours, I implore you to read it.

Also, from the comments to this post over in the Kos diaries:

"The reason (besides SCOTUS) that Gore lost was because he didn't have a bunch of people who would fight to the death for him. Dean does. Do any of the other Dems?"

Well, do they? Personally, I think the answer's obvious.

It was also pointed out in that diary entry that the final count which matters from NH isn't 39-26 (%), it's 13-9 (delegates). Dean gets four fewer delegates from NH than Kerry and is considered to have failed - "again," cry the media - in the Granite State? I don't think so. Crossing Iowa and New Hampshire does not determine who wins the Dem nomination. Last week, I observed that Senator Tom Harkin won IA in '92. You know who won NH? Senator Paul Tsongas. And we saw how well both of their presidential campaigns went. We Dems (and many others, I might add) are pissed as hell. We're sick of the Bush administration's 3-years-and-counting of lies and deceit. Have you seen the turnout numbers in IA and NH? There needs to be fire in the belly of Dem supporters to get the undecideds and independents (and third-party supporters, natch) to vote for the Dem candidate on 11/2. I still don't think Kerry can go the distance - and a(n already-talked-about) Kerry-Edwards ticket would be so bland as to be easy meat for Rove and his minions. Dean can call Bush out, he will call Bush out, and I still believe that he can win both the Dem nomination and TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK. I'll be proudly voting for the good Doctor in the VA primary on 2/10; I encourage you to do the same, wherever you live and whenever your primary is held (if you're so inclined as to vote Dem).

For more information - I encourage you to support Dean, but more importantly, support the Dems - the "final four" candidates' websites:
General Wesley Clark
Governor Howard Dean
Senator John Edwards
Senator John Kerry

And their blogs (yep, they've all got 'em):

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