Thursday, January 22, 2004

Jenn was fired today. This is what happens when a workplace decides to "rid itself" of perceived "troublemakers" - Jenn and I were never afeared to speak our minds about wrongs at TPC, et cetera. But yet someone else in our division was put on probation for her internet usage. And nothing happened (yet) to anyone else. Hmm, does this smell fishy to anyone else? The silver lining is that Jenn's already got another job. [She had an interview set up for today beforehand.]

Today's been a weird day, my mood bouncing between anger/bitterness and verge-of-freaking-out. A number of friends recommended that I take at least one day to just kinda get my head right, which I did. Probably won't do a lot tomorrow, either, apart from get my resumé to Manpower (who first got me my TPC job) and maybe hit Starbucks, 7-Eleven, and Panera (all nearby, all hiring). Fortunately, tonight was "dinner night" with the gang, so I was surrounded by many who care about and love me; I needed that. And Joe's superb meatloaf.

Tonight's Bands Reunited looks superb/ly scary - from the previews, it seems as if there may be a Klymaxx catfight. "The Men All Pause" indeed.

Thanks more than you know to all of you who've left encouraging comments, sent email, and/or called. You know who you are. Your support is stupendous, and means so much.

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