Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Speed round:

I'm gonna skip tonight's Bands Reunited - I mean, really, Dramarama?! - but won't skip offering up a download of their first "hit," "Anything, Anything."

Oscar noms: disappointed dearly by the lack of a nod for Scarlett Johansson (I blame Focus Features for pushing her in Supporting instead of Lead Actress - I think her votes got split), and by the lack of love for Cold Mountain in the big categories (Picture, Screenplay, and Director) (an astonishing achievement in film, flawed but towering nonetheless). Fernando Meirelles, surprise Director and Screenplay nominee for City of God, is this year's Pedro Almodovar - remember, the exact same thing happened last year... Almodovar's Talk to Her was not his country's Foreign Film nominee, but then he picked up Director and Screenplay nods (and a win for Original Screenplay!). Seeing as how City of God picked up nods for Cinematography and Film Editing, too, I wonder how far it was out of the Picture race. Bummed that Kill Bill: Volume 1 was ignored in Cinematography and Film Editing, too. No other too-major shocks (apart from Keisha Castle-Hughes getting nommed for Lead Actress). I still think that of the "big 6" races - acting, plus Picture/Director - the only suspense comes in Lead Actor: Bill Murray or Sean Penn? I'm certainly rooting for the former SNL-er.

America's Next Top Model rocks so hard. Pleased that whiny-ass Heather's gone home to her Mama, I hope next it's Catie who returns to Daddy's lovin' arms. Camille is to Season 1's Robin as Shandi is to Elyse - hey kids, it's Top Model syllogisms! Which of course means that I hate the former and love the latter. And Yoanna rocks, too. [If you missed it last night, there's a rebroadcast tonight at 9pm EST on UPN.]

My Mom and at least one sister are seriously looking at the good doctor in the Dem primaries. That makes me ecstatically happy.

Flying into Manchester, New Hampshire (how appropriate!) Saturday, with Rindge, NH my final destination, to visit a friend/potential who-knows-what interest, and look for jobs in radio for a week. Interestingly, southern NH is awash in numerous independent readio stations (my forté!). Get to make a daytrip to Portland, Maine and finally meet these two, as well. Yay, queen! Should be a great, if chilly, trip.

Funny stuff: you remind me of my cellmate?

Rick Majerus, we love ya, man, but for the love of God cut down on the cheeseburgers!

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