Monday, January 12, 2004

spoken: "the morning after"

"What time is it?
Where Where Where are my where are my panties?
Oh my god where are my panties?
What? I don't..
He gon' think I'm a hoe
Fuck that I liked it
I was drunk and it was my birthday anyway
Maybe I should just lay here and let him touch my booty
Mmmm.. but he don't even know my name

I know she think I just think she some kind of hoe
I don't give a shit about givin it up on the first night
That just let me know she know what she want out of life
What a hell of a way to goddamn wake up
Ooo that shit was good
Oo maybe she'll get me some breakfast
She so god damn sweet
Sweet as she wanna be
Oo I just like Oo i wanna lay in her hair
Can't fall for her don't fall for her ice cold (ice cold)
Maybe I'll just roll over and just lay on her booty
Yeah.. naw naw naw
Nah I'll just lay here and be cool be cool ice cold (ice cold)
But what if she's what if she's what if she's if she's the one?"

- OutKast, "Where Are My Panties?" (Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, Arista, 2003)

You'd typically expect a skit on a hip-hop album, especially one titled "Where Are My Panties?," to be a nasty, smutty thing about bitches and hoes. But with OutKast - and even more specifically, Andre 3000 - often nothing's as you'd expect. In this case, "Where Are My Panties?" is a realistic look at the morning after a hook-up: what happens next? And what if you found yourself a keeper? "Panties" segues into "Prototype," with its "I think I'm in love again" refrain, and works perfectly, setting up "Prototype." Hip-hop skits are usually a waste of time; some on S/TLB fall into that category, too. But not this one.

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