Saturday, January 10, 2004

submeat's top 100 tracks of 2003: songs to download and love

#90 "Into You," Richard X featuring Jarvis Cocker and Hope Sandoval (Astralwerks)
Now, this was a great idea. Mash-up-artist-gone-legit Richard X crafted a track around the chorus of Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You," and then invited former Pulp frontman Cocker to write and sing new lyrics to this new song, leaving Sandoval's voice intact for his chorus, as well. And truth be told, it doesn't sound too far off from what the natural progression of Pulp might've sounded like in 2003. It's got a similar feel to its source, while still sounding wholly original - and Sandoval's vocals, in this new context, take on an even eerier tone. Proof that Richard X isn't just a Human League-biting one trick pony.

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